"Sgt. Allan Garcia’s training module entitled “Response to Active Shooter” provides school districts the information necessary to assess the effectiveness of emergency response procedures in the event of a real crisis situation.  In particular, his information enables districts to review how well the schools and police respond, communicate, and work together; the capability and interaction of both to ensure a successful evacuation; and the ability to meet the needs and prioritize resources during a crisis situation.  This professional development opportunity is a must for school districts, and their police departments, who want to learn as much as possible about planning for such an emergency and how they can improve on their response procedures in order to act in the best interests of the school population."
Donna M. Ottaviano, Ed.D.
Rhode Island School Superintendents Association)

"Sgt. Allan Garcia succinctly and professionally delivers a knowledgeable experience-driven presentation that not only prepares educators on how to deal with a serious emotionally-charged situation, but also, ties in the importance of the role of law enforcement in school relationships."
Dr. D.M.Ottaviano
Superintendent of Schools, North Providence

“I was fortunate to take part in a presentation by Sgt. Allan Garcia.   From a Police Chief’s perspective, I felt that it was not only worthwhile but covered the nuts and bolts of what  police department personnel need to do in an emergency situation involving an active shooter.  All Chiefs should afford themselves and their officers the opportunity to take part in such a practical and timely professional development opportunity.”
Chief Jamie A. Hainsworth,
Glocester Police Department
Executive Board Member, New England Police Chiefs Association and Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association.

As the Operations Sergeant and the Director of Emergency Management for the Town of Weston, CT, I believe it is imperative that school administrators, educators, and the emergency response community work collaboratively in order to provide for the safety and security of our schools and our children.  As we worked to develop our crisis response protocols, we quickly recognized the need for a subject matter expert.  Having worked with Allan before, and having been highly impressed with the level of training, we contacted him to assist us.  Allan and his team provided us with a wealth of knowledge and information during the classroom training, culminating in an afternoon of practical scenario based exercises designed to heighten our response capabilities.  More importantly, the practical exercises enabled us to train with our Fire, EMS, and school partners, a first for us, and a critical component of any successful response to a school crisis.  Never before have we put on a training session where every person involved commented on the expertise of the instructors, the caliber of instruction, and then asked for more training!
Sergeant Michael Ferullo
Weston Police Department (CT)
FBI National Academy Session #186

" I can't thank you enough for the recent training that you put our department through. Everything was top-shelf. The classroom portion was very informative and the practical portion was the most valuable of all. All of the officers have had nothing but praise for you, Andrew and the expertise that both of you provided. The police commissioners, Fire Chief and EMS head who were there were all also very impressed with the program. I am hoping that you will be available to us again in the near future as we go forward with our training and preparation for what we all hope will never happen here."
Chief John Troxell
Weston Police Department

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