Allan Garcia - President & CEO / Primary Instructor

Sergeant Allan Garcia has been a Middletown, Rhode Island police officer since 1988.  From 1984-88, he served as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army’s elite 82nd Airborne Division.  Since 2003, he has been a certified instructor in response to  active shooter and school shooter tactics.  While serving as a lead adjunct instructor for a world renowned tactical training company, Sgt. Garcia was in charge of nationwide instruction to hundreds of law enforcement personnel and school employees in how to recognize, react to, and prevent school shootings.  Appointed as a principal member of a Governor’s statewide school emergency planning committee, he formulated, designed and implemented training for educators throughout his entire home state.  He has taught and advised many local and state police agencies in active shooter/school violence techniques and is recognized as an expert in these respective areas.  Sgt. Garcia has been invited to communities that have experienced school shootings, providing instruction to educational staff and law enforcement.

Sgt. Garcia has attained extensive specialized training throughout his military and law enforcement careers.  In particular, he received instruction on first responder actions at bombing scenes taught by members of the Israeli Special Forces, and multiple terrorist school-siege doctrine taught by individuals who were the only Westerners permitted to investigate the Beslan, Russia, school massacre in 2004. He has presented at numerous law enforcement and educational conferences and is sought after nationwide for his expertise. He has been a featured lecturer and instructor at dozens of venues and has been invited to speak in Washington, D.C., The New England Chiefs of Police Conference, and Columbine high school where he spoke to members of the school resource officer community there.

He has seen service as a detective assigned to his police department’s criminal investigations division, and as both a uniformed patrol officer and uniformed shift supervisor.  He served for 14 years on departmental and regionalized SWAT teams and is a veteran of several incidents involving armed suspects.  He was a lead instructor for a municipal police training academy for 6 years and is a state and local-level law enforcement firearms instructor. 

Sgt. Garcia is the father of two children and is very active in Special Olympics and is a board member of the Down Syndrome Society of Rhode Island.

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