It is well established reality that in a lethal force situation, we do not “rise to the occasion”, but rather “settle to the level of our training”. It is for this reason that we at SVS emphasize hands-on, interactive, and scenario-based training. All of our courses involve a high degree of physical activity and participation. We make every effort to simulate real life stress and circumstances to provide realistic training to better prepare the student for success in the field. Through our vast experience and multi-disciplined approach, we promote sound use of force judgment, tactics and follow up procedures.

SVS understands the limitations of individual police agencies. No one in the industry does more to work with police departments, no matter the size or the capabilities, to ensure success should an active shooter event occur in a respective jurisdiction. We believe EVERY police agency and EVERY community deserves nothing but the best training when it comes to an ever-increasing situation.

SVS offers state of the art hands on training that provides officers with an incredible amount of knowledge and know how.  The training is comprised of both classroom and hands on scenario based training and tactics. SVS is staffed by an instructor cadre who has amassed an incredible amount of real world experience in both the tactical and patrol arenas. Most instructors are career law enforcement officers with instructor certifications and experience in teaching response to active shooter tactics, firearms, SWAT, defensive tactics, and numerous other specialty fields.

Please do not hesitate to contact an SVS representative for your training needs.
SVS understands the limitations of individual school districts.  No one in the industry does more to work with school departments, no matter the size or capabilities, to ensure success should an active shooter event occur in a respective jurisdiction.  We believe EVERY school community deserves nothing but the best training when it comes to preparing for a school shooter situation.

SVS offers fact-based workshops that provide school personnel with an incredible amount of knowledge and know how from a law enforcement perspective.  The workshop is comprised of scenario based training on tactics, and the psychological profiles of school shooters, to provide information to those who work with students on a daily basis. No matter the depth of preparation by law enforcement – school staffs will always be the first to encounter a school shooter! Bearing this in mind, SVS instructors have created a curriculum that is designed to prepare educational staffs in such a way that they will be better prepared to mitigate the loss of life and serious injury in the first critical minutes of a school shooting event. Please do not hesitate to contact an SVS representative for your training needs.

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What SVS Provides

Tactics and training for law enforcement professionals +
Awareness, planning, and preparation for educators =
A community partnership built to foster safety for our children

What was once a rarity in society has now become a social norm. Extreme acts of violence involving armed students in schools have become epidemic nationwide.

SVS provides cutting edge, affordable training to police agencies and school staff. The highest quality law enforcement and educational personnel staff SVS. Our instructors have taught active shooter/school violence training seminars nationwide with great success and approval. Some of the advantages to SVS training your community police and school personnel are the following:

  • SVS personnel will travel to your community to provide realistic, hands-on training. Your agency will not incur travel expenses, as we come to you. 
  • SVS will train your entire populace of police officers and school staff at your own school facilities. Your personnel will gain total familiarization of the actual buildings where a potential a school violence situation may occur.  School staff and police will all be on “the same sheet of music.”
  • SVS provides on-going progressive training and support after the initial one-day training seminar. Additional training includes, but is not limited to, school safety plan enhancements, specialized law enforcement training, expert witness testimony, and most importantly, will tailor training to meet the individual and unique needs of your community.
  • SVS most importantly will provide training at a cost per person that is lower than any other school violence training company in the industry.

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What is "Active Shooter Training"?

Active Shooter Training is designed to increase the ability of law enforcement officers and school officials to safely and effectively respond to an emergency situation involving a shooter in their building. The training combines detailed classroom work with certified trainers and realistic role play scenarios. This intense training is both effective and necessary in today's increasingly dangerous world. SVS staff instructors are expert in their ability to maximize realistic training circumstances that will enhance sensory overload which will ultimately assist in the inoculation of real life stressors should an active shooter event take place in your community. Our instructors have years of practical experience and have always garnered nothing but the highest of compliments from the personnel they have trained. What separates SVS from others is our unique training programs that are tailored to instruct just educators, or just law enforcement entities. The programs and material taught is designed to dovetail perfectly so even if EMS and educator groups are taught separately, both entities will function together flawlessly. Uniformity in training is stressed constantly and great efforts are made to ensure that each group trained has at least a working knowledge of all others duties and responsibilities should an event occur.

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Who will do the training?

A specially trained and highly motivated group of law enforcement personnel and educators will travel to your community and to your school facilities to provide cutting edge training in your own buildings where your personnel will respond should there be a real life incident.

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Who will be trained?

SVS specializes in combining both district staff and local law enforcement when training.  However, we can train your local law enforcement, or the teachers/building staff and administrators in your district separately. *Training can be custom designed for any environment no matter the size of school or staff

Where does the training take place?

With SVS, we firmly believe that you should be trained on-site…your site.  You will not have to travel to a centralized training area, which will cut training costs dramatically.   People will become adept at handling real life situations in THEIR OWN workplaces because that is where the training will take place. We can also work with your agency should that not be a viable situation.

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Specialized Training

SVS employs a staff of experts unique to the industry and can provide specialized training not limited to the following areas;

  • Comprehensive school safety plan evaluation and trouble shooting. SVS will work directly with school/police administration to “test” the effectiveness of your school safety plan. By taking the “shooters” perspective, the SVS team can more easily pinpoint weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • “Curb medicine” – Practical life saving training and techniques for both school staff and police personnel.
  • Specialized firearms training and tactics that will prepare LEO personnel to effectively use there firearms in actual scenarios that they will experience in an active shooter event.
  • Federally mandated ICS/NIMS training (up to 300 level).
  • High Risk Entry – Defensive Tactics training that is specifically tailored to the unique environment of a school active shooter situation.
  • Expert witness testimony / Subject matter expert consulting.
  • Bomb Threat and IED in the school / workplace environment training and awareness seminar.

Please contact an SVS representative for any other training needs you may have. Because we employ a varied staff of experts who possess an immeasurable amount of knowledge in their respective fields, SVS can tailor make training programs for any of your needs.

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Active Shooter Training
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An active shooter is defined as "... an armed person who has used deadly physical force on other persons and continues to do so while having unrestricted access to additional victims."

With the many unfortunate tragedies that continue to occur around the country and world, shouldn’t active shooter training take place on a regular basis? SVS believes so too.