The ASAP method works by sending trained officers directly at the active killer to interfere on his assault and end it or curtail any further  unanswered  gunfire on innocents. 3 or 4 man contacts team tactics, or some other method of aggressive assault can be launched in conjunction with ASAP entries as manning and equipment arrive.

Some facts:

  • 90% of police departments nationwide are staffed by under 50 officers*. It’s a common public misconception that agencies this size have adequate staffing to handle any and all situations and crisis's. *according to FBI UCR reports
  • The fact is that agencies of this size are going to have a difficult time deploying to an active killer incident using standard 4 man formation tactics in a time period that is short enough to severely limit the shooters rampage and total victim count.
  • If a police department is normally staffed by a patrol force consisting of one to six single officer patrol units, the Ad-Hoc I/C - “diamond”, or any other 4 man contact team formation system may be too “heavy” a task force to form and utilize within the time constraints that these incidents take place in.
  • “Force feeding” of “force fitting” even good tactics is unrealistic and bad practice.
  • Active Killer incidents are over in less than 10 minutes almost 100% of the time.
  • In a large percentage of these events, the massive loss of human life takes place in seconds rather minutes or hours.
  • By Colonel Cooper’s color code; the “spontaneous”, ultra violent, ambush-style of these events catches everyone involved completely in  “condition white” and law enforcement resources well behind the OODA loop from the onset of the occurrence and fraught to “catch up”.

ASAP works to get into that “180 to 480” second window of shooting and mayhem in a fashion faster and more aggressive than any other response method to date.

So how does a police department know if it needs to employ a tactic such as ASAP? If a police department can put it’s collective ego and perceived competence to the side and truly look at it’s geography, manning, and response tactics and know with complete certainty that it can deploy with the amount of officers needed to satisfy the tactic or tactics employed, travel to the killer, and then successfully engage the shooter stopping the rampage in under 3 to 5 minutes then you are OK. If the answer is “no” then what would be the harm of an initial “attack” on the active killer by ASAP trained officers who are immediately on scene and immediately advancing on and engaging the shooter in so doing throwing his OODA into chaos and  in doing so stopping mass homicide?
A.S.A.P. Method Response
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