A.S.A.P. Method Response Courses
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A.S.A.P. Method Response
Module #1 (Two Day)

The ASAP method certification is a two day course designed around multi-media, practical exercise and live fire range training. Officers are taught many of the skills necessary but seldom taught to “rank and file” officers that are not SWAT or assigned to a specialized unit. Breaching, Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid and enhanced marksmanship skills are some of the cornerstones of the program. Because a man is “no more a gunfighter because he carries a gun than he is a musician because he owns a piano,” in extremis marksmanship is a major training point that is mastered by officers attending the program.  Officers not able to successfully deploy with the weapons availed to them on a daily basis (pistol, shotgun, patrol rifle) are at an even more distinct disadvantage than the norm and must be brought up to standard and beyond. Officers need to possess the skills to put effective fires on an active killer adversary out past “typical” maximum distances (usually 25 yards). The ASAP method instructs officers that their assault on the active killer must be “intelligence” driven as you cannot afford to lose an officer when you only have one or two officers responding  for the first 5+ minutes or so after the incident starts. The ASAP method works in concert with the 4 man contact team concept and can be taught along with it.