The educational staff presentation “Response to the Active Shooter—Studying Yesterday, Preparing for Today and Living Tomorrow”—is a multi-media presentation designed for administrators, teachers and school staff. The information contained in the block of instruction is the most edifying, and up-to-the-minute training available on this topic. The class provides the most progressive life-saving information currently available for educating school staffs in how to recognize, prevent and react to school shooters, and active shooter situations. The presentation is approximately 4 hours in length and can be taught on school premises where employees work. All school jurisdictions have in-depth school safety plans in place which dictate the conduct and actions of employees should an incident occur. However, most jurisdictions make the error of neglecting to give in-depth, instruction that resonates with individual classroom-level teachers. This course provides the audience with a massive amount of subject-related instruction that will enhance their mindset, preparation and training should a tragedy occur in their school. The training and instruction, which the school staff receives, will dovetail seamlessly with present-day law enforcement tactics and training. It stands to reason that a community will strive to achieve a high degree of flawless cooperation between their law enforcement and educational assets should a school shooting event occur. This course of instruction will bridge the gap to ensure optimum performance. An active shooter incident on a school campus is one of the most traumatizing, and shocking events that can affect a community. The “Response to the Active Shooter” presentation will prepare school staffs should this more frequently occurring tragedy happen in your community.

Some of the topics covered

  • Historical overview of active shooter situations
  • Police lessons learned from school shootings
  • School “Armed Intruder” procedures
  • School priorities during an active shooter situation
  • Police priorities during an active shooter situation
  • School and Police priorities during a barricade situation
  • What the educator and other school staff employee should expect and how they should react to an active shooter incident.
  • An overview of Multiple Terrorist Sieges.
  • Critical incident overview of Columbine HS shooting
  • Critical incident overview of Virginia Tech shooting
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • School lockdown procedures
  • Establishing a “Combat Survival Mindset”
  • Recommended actions for school staffs.
  • 5 Stages of an Active Shooter Incident.
  • Choosing and managing the School Resource Officer
  • Conduct and actions of custodians and facility management
  • Managing Students with Cell Phones
  • To lockdown or evacuate?
  • Actions in the “breached” classroom.
  • The School and Police Partnership
  • “Things to do” besides panicking.
  • Classroom preparation
  • Situational awareness for the classroom teacher

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Training for Educational Staffs
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